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Joke – Learner’s Permit

Having recently gotten my learner’s permit, I’m considering putting a sign in the back window of any vehicle I drive to warn of my lack of skill. My current favorite warning that I’ve thought of:


n00b driver, please don’t PWN me


At least they can’t get angry at my (probably) poor driving skills while they’re laughing 🙂

~ George

Certified Brilliant – May Edition

Certified Brilliant is something I’m doing in which every day I post something that I found on the internet. To qualify, I must think that it is simply brilliant, epic, and/or incredible. Since I don’t want to have too many posts doing small things, I’ll edit this post every day, adding a new brilliant/epic/incredible thing. Every month I will make a new post and start updating it. My favorite brilliant/incredible/epic thing in each post will be starred.

May 25 – Certified Incredible


This book. It’s Incredible. The world would be much better if we all did what this book said.

May 24 – Certified Brilliant

Lifting Rocks


May 23 – Certified Incredible

Blog - Certified Brilliant - Signature

“The Mother of All Signatures”

May 22 – Certified Brilliant

“Think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram”

May 21 – Certified Brilliant

“There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t”

May 20 – Certified Brilliant

Blog - Certified Brilliant - xkcd Explorers

Title text: We’re going to have to work together to get over our hangups if we’re going to learn to move on Catan’s hexagonal grid. It’s bad enough that we lost our crew of pawns when we passed within firing range of Battleship.


May 19 –  Certified Brilliant

My dad left me this note when I turned 16:

Happy Blog - Certified Brilliant - 16th Note Birthday!

May 18 – Certified Incredible <–*Star*

May 17 – Certified Epic  <–*Star*


S3 Krypton Series



Buy one here! Somehow, someday, I’ll get one of these…

May 16 – Certified Incredible

Blog - Certified Brilliant - Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England. Also know as the roundabout from “down there”

May 15 – Certified Brilliant

Blog - Certified Brilliant - xkcd Tetris

The comic:

The comic’s sources:

You can play the Heaven version of Tetris here:, and the Hell version can be played here:

May 14 – Certified Brilliant

$2 Undecillion Lawsuit

What if Au Bon Pain lost this lawsuit and had to pay the plaintiff $2 undecillion?

Find the answer here:

May 13 – Certified Brilliant <–*Star*


Get Real Be Rational


~ George


I’m wondering if the following would be possible:

  1. Take any word
  2. Give it a definition
  3. Give every word that you used in the definition you just made it’s own definition
  4. Repeat step three until every word you’ve used has been defined (note, you cannot define a word with itself)

I’m thinking it’s possible to do it if you use looping definitions, like this:

Hello. Hello means Hi. Hi means Hello. Means means equals. Equals means Means.

I’m not sure if that should count though, but if it doesn’t then unless you use a video or some other media you’ll keep defining words with other words until you simply run out of words. Maybe I need a better meaning for what counts as a definition.

 ~ George

Standing Around

We were at Disney recently, and Dad said that we could do whatever we wanted. He commented that we could even stand around all day, although that would be a waste of money. So I started wondering, where (on Earth) is the most expensive place to stand? To qualify, it must be a place where people have gone (and survived). The bottom of the ocean wouldn’t count, but the top of Mount Everest would.

~ George

Interesting Observation: Social Norms

Having participated in a discussion about social norms recently, I realized something that I don’t think anyone else there picked up on.

There are way more social norms than we usually think there are. Many things are social norms, even if we wouldn’t think they are. To help identify a few, here’s the definition which I’ll use:

A social norm is something the majority of society does/finds normal

Using that definition, you can find more social norms by realizing a few things about them:

  • Possibly the easiest to realize, something can be bad and still be a social norm (slavery in pre-civil war ear, for example, and smoking nowadays)
  • The next easiest to realize might be that something can be the right thing to do and still be a social norm (not interrupting someone who is talking is the right thing to do, and a social norm; it’s also a social norm to let the other person talk sometimes so that they don’t need to interrupt you in the first place)
  • Less easy to notice, something can be both common sense and a social norm (driving on the right side of the street, for example, is a social norm. Obeying the law is too,  although for some laws (such as the speed limit), it has become the social norm to not strictly obey)
  • Even harder to notice, something can be nearly unnoticeable and still be a social norm (eating 3 meals a day is a social norm, and so is waking up before noon during a weekday)
  • And the strangest of all, something can be “of course you don’t do that” and still be a social norm (of course we don’t randomly punch people in the face, but it’s still a social norm. Not punching someone in the face is, after all, “something the majority of society does/finds normal”)

The last one is the most interesting to think about. There are so many things which are “yeah duh, of course we don’t do that”, which I hadn’t even thought of as social norms. Of course we don’t randomly set fire to forests. Yes, it’s common sense. Yes, it’s the right thing to do. Yes, it seems crazy to even think about doing on purpose. And yes, it’s a social norm.

~ George