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Joke – Learner’s Permit

Having recently gotten my learner’s permit, I’m considering putting a sign in the back window of any vehicle I drive to warn of my lack of skill. My current favorite warning that I’ve thought of:


n00b driver, please don’t PWN me


At least they can’t get angry at my (probably) poor driving skills while they’re laughing 🙂

~ George

Joke – Seeking an Authoritative Opinion

If you think of another way to tell this joke, please post in the comments

Imagine… you’ve somehow managed to go back in time with your friend, you’re talking to George Washington (your childhood hero), thinking this is the most exciting moment of your life, and suddenly your friend pulls out two bottles of soft drink and hands them to your idle, saying, “Let’s settle this once and for all. Which is better, Mr. Washington, Coke, or Pepsi?”

~ George