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OneDrive Syncs automatically and is profile specific

One thing I really like about the way Microsoft handles their cloud file storage is that the files are pervasive across all the Microsoft devices I have for a given login.  When I sign into a PC at home with my personal Microsoft account, all my files are there.  Pictures I just took on my phone are automatically synced up to my HP home computer, my Dell tablet,  and my personal profile on my work laptop.  And that is what is especially cool.  Profiles.  When my daughter logs into the home PC, she gets here files, not mine.  My son was using his laptop at school but when he came home, he can sign into the home computer using the same Microsoft account he used on his laptop and all of his settings and files are there.  The Desktop is the same.  His files are there. Simple.  I love it.

Picture to text in Word

Today, I decided I would just take a picture of our church choir schedule so I would have it on my phone for reference.  I remembered that Paul Thurrott on his Windows weekly podcast mentioned that the latest Microsoft Lens app could do Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and put the text and/or the image in OneNote. So I tried it.  Wow! It works great!

After opening the app, I snapped a picture.  The first cool thing was that it corrected for the angle from which I took the picture so the page looked as if I snapped the picture squarely  from the front.  I then told it I wanted a word doc and to store the pic in OneNote.  I chose to share a link to the doc with a friend and sent it to myself.   I opened the .docx file on my windows phone and could see the text converted from the image right above the picture so it was easy to compare to make sure it did it correctly. It did.  I love it when technology foes exactly what I want it to do.

Cortona helped me find dinner in between flights

After getting off of my first flight, I took a look at my windows phone to check on my next flight. I’ve used an app called Flight Status for a long time (upper right corner of image) but noticed that my Cortona tile was also showing me the status of my flight, although I didn’t have to enter the flight info for Cortona to do that.

I tapped on the time to see what else she could tell me and saw a link to a terminal map.

I clicked on it and she showed me a map of the terminal including restaurants which was perfect because I was hungry!