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George:  I like to think of interesting ideas, often new ones. I try to come up with a variety of things, from possible story backgrounds to “what would it be like if…”s, to “how could I do this better”s. I’ve thought up a deplete-able substance called benedite that makes those who use it not only powerful but good (for a change), along with discussing what would happen when it runs out. I’ve wondered what a game would be like if you could change your perspective to anyone (or anything) in it, and created a few games myself. I like thinking of off the wall math things, such as what x/0 really equals, or what negative distance entails, and have even come up with a whole new set of numbers (along the same lines as imaginary numbers), which I hope to publish soon. My goal is to make you think about something you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.




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