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Pi Day, 3/14/15 at 9:26

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For those who don’t know the significance of that time and date, here are the first digits of pi:


Also, here’s something else:

I <3¬†ŌÄ

That’s internet for “I heart pi”, but it’s actually also the equation 1 < 3×3.14…, which is a true statement. Hooray for double meanings! Hooray for math! Hooray for Pi!

Quotable/Interesting Observation – The Cycle of Tiredness

If you run too long you’ll get tired and want to walk. If you walk too long you’ll get tired and want to stand. If you stand too long you’ll get tired and want to sit. If you sit too long you’ll get tired and want to lay down. If you lie down too long you’ll get tired and want to get up and run. This is the Cycle of Tiredness.

~ George

Air Calories

I wonder how many calories you get just by breathing. Would location matter? I think it¬†would, because somewhere like a pizza place¬†probably has more microscopic particles of food in the air than somewhere like your house. After all, they deal with a lot¬†more food than your house (unless I’m completely misjudging the average household).

What about places like the forest, where there¬†would¬†be lots of pollen and stuff like that floating around? While that’s not food for us, it would certainly still have calories.

Finally, would it be possible to have a restaurant in which you only “eat” by smelling the food? I guess it’d be possible, but it wouldn’t last long…

~ George

Awesome Job Idea: To Be Awesome

What if a millionaire sponsored someone to simply be awesome at stuff?¬†Although, unlike usual, the guy wouldn’t stick to one thing, he would simply spend all of his time finding and learning things that interest him. Then, whenever he’s ready, he’ll perform/teach for his employer. In retrospect, it sounds less like something that someone would pay for and more like something that someone who is extremely rich would do for himself.

~ George

Complete Amnesia

What if someone completely forgot everything, and not just memories but also words, images, tastes, everything. How would someone with this “Complete” Amnesia describe the world? They wouldn’t¬†know¬†colors or textures, verbs or nouns. They wouldn’t even know what colors, textures, verbs, or nouns¬†were or that there even was a such things. What if that person tried to describe what he “saw” in a book? Over all, I think it’s be pretty interesting.

~ George

Deeper Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and thought that even if it was good,¬†it was very shallow? For example, most real villains don’t do evil for the sake of evil. Something that I thought would be interesting would be if someone took a simple movie and made it a lot deeper. For example, they could show the villain’s back story, have the hero¬†not be able to take down 20 ninjas by himself, have there not be 20 ninjas in the first place when they can use guns, etc. Just get rid of all those “that would never happen” things and replace it with something more interesting. Maybe retroactively make the movie into¬†a book, since they say “the book it always better than the movie” (not including those little¬†movie picture books¬†for children and the like).

~ George