Cool Websites/Posts/Videos/Etc. that I’ve found

As I stumble across things that I find interesting while on the internet, I’ll add them here. I’ve categorized them for you convenience

  1. Cool Websites:
    1. if you haven’t lost the game yet, beware, you’ll lose it soon after you click on the link
  2. Wikipedia Articles:
    1.  – “A method for categorizing the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects such as asteroids and comets”
    2. – The seven Deadly Sins, plus their history
    3. – Sometimes when reading a book, you’ll notice that sometime the gaps between text line up forming what I have learned is called a “river”
  3. Cool Games:
    1. – A game in which you look at 360 degrees pictures and try to guess where on Earth the picture was taken. You’re awarded points based on how close you get (my high score so far is about 10k)
  4. Stores/things you can buy:
    1. – A 3D puzzle set that has a code books with 20k possible puzzles using only one set
  5. Interesting Articles:
    1. – An experiment about how recording losses to the game  (see #1 of Cool Websites) increase losses to the game
    2. – An article about maps, fits particularly well with this xkcd comic


(More categories will be added as needed)

~ George

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