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GPS Measuring Device

What if you could measure the length of a room without all the hassle of finding a tape measure, getting someone to hold one end down, then moving to the other end of the room? What if all you needed was your phone?

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone managed to make an app or phone functionality that would let you hit a button in the app, move your phone, and the GPS would tell you how far the phone moved? You could stand at one end of the room, hit the button, walk to the other side of the room, hit the button again, and the phone would spit out a number saying how long the room is!

Unfortunately, a quick Google search says that GPS’s are only accurate to 3-15 meters, but maybe there are other ways. I know that phones can detect how many steps someone has taken in a day, so maybe it can use some of that functionality to detect how fast and how long the phone moved and use those numbers to tell you how far it moved.

If not a phone, then maybe someone could invent a device that splits in two and measures the distance between the two halves. Just set them on opposite sides of the room and hit a button to get your answer. They would even work with smaller things like a toothpick; you would just set them closer together. Or they could also work with larger things, like a soccer field. Again, just move the halves apart and push the button.

It would be best if they would transmit information in a way similar to those remote controls that can work no matter where you’re pointing them, so that it wouldn’t matter if something was in the way or not. I bet there’s a way to find the delay between the sending of the information and the receiving of the information, which can be multiplied by the speed of light to find the needed distance.

I’m not sure how practical it would be to make, but I think it would be an awesome invention and would certainly want to buy it.

~ George

Invention Idea: Crutch Stand

After two weeks of being on crutches (fortunately I don’t need them anymore), I’ve had plenty of time to notice how annoying they are. One of the many annoying things is that every time you sit down you have to find somewhere to lean them without them falling over. So I thought, why not make a stand of some sort that you just put wherever you usually sit so that you can always hang your crutches on it? I can’t decide if I’m serious or joking about it, but I’m adding a tag to this post for humor either way. Here’s an illustration to show the idea:

Blog - Idea Level 3 - Humorous Invention Idea - A Crutch Stand - Crutch Stand Drawing


~ George