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Certified Brilliant – June Edition

Certified Brilliant is something I’m doing in which every day I post something that I found on the internet. To qualify, I must think that it is simply brilliant, epic, and/or incredible. Since I don’t want to have too many posts doing small things, I’ll edit this post every day, adding a new brilliant/epic/incredible thing. Every month I will make a new post and start updating it. My favorite brilliant/incredible/epic thing in each post will be starred.


June 7 – Certified Brilliant <–*Star*

“The distance from this sentence to your eye is my sculpture”

– Rethinking Curating – Art After New Media, By Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook

I found the sentence in this video, about 1 minute and 30 second into it:


June 6 – Certified Brilliant

…found tucked between the pages Julius Caesar’s diary…


June 5 – Certified Brilliant

Blog - Certified Brilliant - DHD Crimes of Opportunity


Title Text: “Oh right. This isn’t the Sahara desert, because in the Sahara desert water is CHEAPER”

Sign off text: “This water is gonna go great with my sandwich, which apparently is made out of a bar of gold.”

I may or may not do this someday ; ) . Source:


June 4 – Certified Epic <–*Star*

One day my friends were all talking about what their dream car was. Someone got the bright idea to ask me, the guy who had probably spent little more than a few minutes in his life thinking about the question. “Hey George, what about you? What’s your dream car?” he said.  I looked up. “The Batmobile”.  Then I got back to my book


June 3 – Certified Incredible

Apart from repeated use of the word “freakin” (which actually isn’t a bad word,  just associated with them),  this is an incredible sounding technology which I hope is as good as it looks. Support them at


June 2 – Certified Brilliant

That night, retired USAF pilots covertly replaced the '62' with '50'.

Title Text: “That night, retired USAF pilots covertly replaced the ’62’ with ’50’.”

Who knew that space was so close? Link:


June 1 – Certified Incredible <–*Star*

A poem to inspire you to put down your phone and look up


~ George