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For your convenience, here’s the most recent Change Log that I’ve posted. It’ll have the latest changes/posts in it


These are posts of ideas which I’ve thought of. The different polish levels represent how much I’ve thought about the labeled idea and/or how close it is to being finished. Level 1 is more for posts that convey a simple idea or question, which hasn’t gone beyond the “oh, that’s interesting” phase. Level 2 is for more in-depth ideas, ideas that I’ve explored a bit more, and have shed some light on why the idea is interesting. Level 3 is what an idea becomes after I’ve done something with it, improved it to the point that it’s almost a story or more real, and less just a random thought. Level 4 is what something becomes when it has gone beyond just being real and has become one of my projects, something I’ve worked for days or weeks on end trying to perfect.


Posts for Ideas with a Polish Level of 4:

Posts for Ideas with a Polish Level of 3: Posts for Ideas with a Polish Level of 2: Posts for Ideas with a Polish Level of 1: _______________________________________________________________

These are things which I haven’t made myself, but I want to post anyway

Certified Brilliant:


These are miscellaneous posts

Misc. posts:

Change Logs:


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