Change Log of August 26, 2014

At the end of every day (or, at least every day that I change something), I make a post that highlights all of the changes and/or posts that have been made that day. This way I can update previous posts and actually have the changes be found, plus readers will be able get easy access to all the new posts without scrolling down too much. Note: Since this post will be the last thing I post each day, it is less likely to be properly cleaned up, as I will be rather tired at that point

New posts:

  • The Ultimate Wish: Part 1 of 3 – The Wish is something I’ve been wanting to post for about a week now. Part 2 is going to be about what happens immediately after the wish :D, but unfortunately might take another week to put out 🙁

Major Changes:

Minor Changes:

  • I checked off Add the new “Humorous Post” tag to the posts that it applies to from the  To Do List, tonight I plan on checking a few off of it. Click the tag’s link to see what I marked! I also partially marked off something else, involving the new page for misc. posts.
  • I added the top 3 items to the To Do List. As fast as I cross them off, I find new things that I want to do 🙁
  • I added the “Magic” tag to a few posts. Note: this is not fantasy, so Story Idea: Benedite wouldn’t be included

Of Special Note:

  • 🙂


~ George

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