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Interesting Observation: Happy New Year!

A new year has started! There. That’s a pretty interesting observation if you think about it, so the post must be finished. Sign:¬†~ George. Done.


Not really ūüôā As you probably know, it’s a the start of a new¬†year. You can tell because of all the people saying “Happy New Year!” all the time. I’ve said it myself a few times,¬†but I started wondering what we were actually saying when we said “Happy New Year” to people. If you look closely, it isn’t actually a sentence at all, just a noun plus two adjectives. Saying¬†“Happy New Year!” to people is grammatically the same as yelling¬†“Purple Tin¬†Piano!” at them.

Of course, we¬†aren’t yelling “Purple Tin Piano” at them, and of course we mean something more than “adjective¬†adjective¬†noun”. What we omit when we say “Happy New Year” is the two words¬†“Have a”. When we add those words, we get “Have a Happy New Year”, which is a complete sentence. We just drop the verb¬†to make it easier to say. Furthermore, “Have a Happy New Year” is still leaving out a bunch of words.¬†What we actually mean is¬†“I wish that you may be happy throughout the rest of this new year.” No wonder we shortened it.

Anyhow, as if I haven’t said it enough, Happy New Year! (However you want to read¬†it) ūüôā

~ George

How to Commercialize Thanksgiving (Humor)

Following the conversation mentioned in this post, me and my friends started¬†(jokingly) trying to see what it would take¬†to commercialize Thanksgiving, because it appears that no one else really has. First we thought of lights, like Christmas and sometimes Halloween, then maybe fireworks like 4th of July or New Year, but they didn’t feel like they’d work. (What would¬†you do with brown lights or fireworks? Yuck.) Even candy, which so many other holidays have monopolized on,¬†doesn’t¬†quite work. But then we struck gold when we thought about Easter: We need to start doing Egg Hunts. Turkeys actually lay eggs (unlike a certain animal I could mention¬†*cough cough*), so it’d be perfect! However, as mentioned before, candy doesn’t fit quite right, so we were stumped until someone thought of another¬†brilliant idea: Pie! (After all, everything is better with pie; don’t pretend that you’ve never heard that before, I’ve heard it at least ONE time before writing this post) (Yes, indeed, that one time was myself saying it,¬†but that still counts!) Thus, the Pie Hunt was born! You could manufacture some sort of egg-shaped¬†pie and special plastic eggs that are Thanksgiving themed, then promote things like Church and State Pie hunts, run Pie Hunts¬†in your own backyard/neighborhood, get it into the newspaper, etc. Do that for several years in a row until it starts catching on. Later, while everyone else is trying to catch up with the Pie Hunt trend, you’ll already be raking it¬†in (whatever “it” is, probably¬†leaves ; ) ), and then you’ll be your own millionaire or something.

Up next:¬†Groundhog’s Day!

~ George

Interesting Observation: Thanksgiving isn’t a Money Holiday

Recently I was talking with a few friends about the fact that stores are selling Christmas supplies long before Thanksgiving even started, when one of them pointed out that Thanksgiving isn’t really a money-making holiday. Apart from the famous Turkey and other foods, along with pilgrim supplies, there really isn’t much for the stores to sell you. Easter has eggs and candy; Halloween has costumes, decorations, and candy; valentines day has cards and chocolate; Christmas has decorations, gifts and candy; even 4th of July has fireworks. Thanksgiving has none of those; it is perhaps one of the more “pure” of the widely celebrated (national) holidays, that is, it is not a commercial holiday. Just thought this was something cool to think about.

~ George

(Later the conversation turned more humorous with us discussing ways to make Thanksgiving into a money holiday. You can see my post on that conversation here)