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Interesting Observation: Happy New Year!

A new year has started! There. That’s a pretty interesting observation if you think about it, so the post must be finished. Sign:¬†~ George. Done.


Not really ūüôā As you probably know, it’s a the start of a new¬†year. You can tell because of all the people saying “Happy New Year!” all the time. I’ve said it myself a few times,¬†but I started wondering what we were actually saying when we said “Happy New Year” to people. If you look closely, it isn’t actually a sentence at all, just a noun plus two adjectives. Saying¬†“Happy New Year!” to people is grammatically the same as yelling¬†“Purple Tin¬†Piano!” at them.

Of course, we¬†aren’t yelling “Purple Tin Piano” at them, and of course we mean something more than “adjective¬†adjective¬†noun”. What we omit when we say “Happy New Year” is the two words¬†“Have a”. When we add those words, we get “Have a Happy New Year”, which is a complete sentence. We just drop the verb¬†to make it easier to say. Furthermore, “Have a Happy New Year” is still leaving out a bunch of words.¬†What we actually mean is¬†“I wish that you may be happy throughout the rest of this new year.” No wonder we shortened it.

Anyhow, as if I haven’t said it enough, Happy New Year! (However you want to read¬†it) ūüôā

~ George