Change Log of August 20th, 2014

At the end of every day (or, at least every day that I change something), I’m make a post that highlights all of the changes and/or posts that have been made that day. This way I can update previous posts and actually have the changes be found, plus readers will be able get easy access to all the new posts without scrolling down too much. Note: Since this post will be the last thing I post each day, it is less likely to be properly cleaned up, as I will be rather tired at that point

New posts:

  • I’ve made a site To Do List! Although, since it’s in my are of the blog, perhaps I should say it’s my to do list. IDK, if I need to I’ll make a site to do list.

Major Changes:

Minor Changes:

  • I changed the text that I copy and paste into each Change Log a little bit, fixing a few things that were bugging me.

Of Special Note:

  • The reason this is being posted on August 22 is that we lost power (for a few hours) and we didn’t manage to get the computer to turn on till this morning.


~ George

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