To Do List

I’ve wanted to have a public to do list that could show various things I want to change about/add to the site, so here it is. I will cross off things as I do them, and at the beginning of every month I’ll remove the checked off items. Making the to do list in the first place was the first thing on it 🙂

In no particular order:

  1. Make a private to do list for myself for things that wouldn’t make sense to others and/or apply to future posts?
  2. Find all the places I use the underline to separate topics and make the underline longer (sorry if that makes no sense to anyone besides me)
  3. Add an “About Us” page
  4. Decide on the Idea Polish Level of Interesting Observation: Social Norms, Story Idea: Benedite, Time-Based Game (Tag?), and Type-able Lewis Dot Structure.
  5. Add a featured image to each post
  6. Make a section/page for things I find online that aren’t “Certified Brilliant”
  7. Find a way to make “Certified Brilliant” work again
  8. Add a category for my favorite posts?
  9. Make a “Change Log” that includes links to posts I made before I started using change logs
  10. Find the site mentioned in The Scientific Ideal World
  11. Go through all the posts and make sure that the links function properly
  12. Finish the To Do List 🙂

~ George

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