Change Log of August 19th, 2014

At the end of every day (or, at least every day that I change something), I’m going to make a post that highlights all of the changes and/or posts that have been made that day. This way I can change previous posts and actually have the changes be found, plus reader will be able get to all the new posts without scrolling down too much. Note: Since this post will be the last thing I post each day, it is less likely to be properly cleaned up, as I will be rather tired at that point

New posts:

  • The Planets of Star Wars contains some of the thought I had while watching Star Wars Episode I earlier today. I’m realizing just how cool a universe such as Star War’s actually is 🙂

Major Changes:

  • I added the new 4th paragraph to Story Idea: Benedite, after thinking about how benedite might have affected the food industry. I also changed the last two sentences of the post.

Minor Changes:

  • On the main “George” page, I added a link to the latest change log to the  very top of the page
  • Previously, the “George’s Posts in Reverse Chronological Order” (that’s a mouthful) only showed the last 20 posts, but since by now I’ve posted more than 20 things (Yay!!) I increased the number, substantially. (I added a zero 🙂

Of Special Note:

  • I’ve made a game idea that is actually playable! It took me a few days, but I’ve written a post explaining how to play it. Now I’m just waiting for it to be read by a few select people to see if I explain the game well enough to play 🙂


~ George

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