Quotable – The Best Ideas are Rarely Finished

I was reading my description of Idea Polish Level: 3 when I noticed the last sentence. To quote the description, “This is for ideas which I’ve thought a lot about, and might only need a bit more work to get them fully polished. This is probably where some of the more interesting posts will be because often the best ideas are rarely finished.” After rereading the phrase I realized how true it was.

What are some of the best ideas that you can think of? Some that come to my mind are the computer, Einstein’s relativity, the automobile, medicine, etc. Imagine if one of these “best” ideas somehow was finished, done, never going to be improved upon again. If the computer was finished when it was invented we would never have gotten the internet. If relativity was finished when it was invented we would still not understand gravity. If the automobile was finished when it was invented we’d still be “crawling” around at < 10 mph. If any of those were finished now, how much would we miss out in the future?

The best ideas are never finished, but that doesn’t mean they always start. While the first thinker of a truly “best” idea may fail, the idea will continue.

What are some of the “best” ideas that we couldn’t live without, and what would happen if they stopped?

~ George

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