The Ultimate Wish: Part 3 of 3 – Fun


You’ve made the wish. You protected the universe from yourself, and yourself from the universe. Now it’s time to enjoy your awesome power

As I wish for things in real life, I’ll post them here. Something big to note though, I won’t just wish for anything I want. After all, that would take all the fun and joy and surprise out of life. For example, I won’t wish that I was an awesome soccer player, because that takes the fun out of playing soccer. Better things to wish for are along the lines of being able to fly, because I can’t fly (I think ūüôā ), and there’d be no joy-robbing if suddenly I could fly.

  1. I wish to be able to fly (Not very original, I know, but it’d still be awesome)
  2. I wish to be able to turn myself and anything else I want invisible, as well as being able to turn¬†anything that is invisible visible (Again not very original, but you could get in some serious trouble if you’re seen flying around. Also, something everyone seems to forget about is that when you say “I wish to be able to turn myself invisible”, they¬†don’t mention turning visible again ūüôā )
  3. I wish that my toes (or some other injury) were completely healed (Some people reading might know that I was on crutches for two weeks and in a boot for another three weeks because of a toe injury that still bothers me sometimes. Something like that definitely has to go when you are all powerful)
  4. I wish I wasn’t so sore right now (Probably something that I’d wish a lot ūüôā )
  5. I wish to be able to go to sleep and wake up exactly when I want to (I have trouble getting to sleep, and almost everybody has trouble waking up, so this solves both problems in one go)
  6. I wish to have Telekinesis (Perhaps the best wish for the lazy person and the busy person alike, the ability to move stuff around with your mind would be awesome)
  7. I wish that my body can adapt to cold and/or heat, in such a way that I keep my complete abilities and no damage is caused to my body. (Fall just started, and earlier today I had to swim in a very cold pool for swim team. It would be very nice to not be bothered by temperature.)
  8. I wish to be able to understand, read, speak, and write in any language that I hear, see, or want to understand.¬†(It’d be very helpful to say the least)
  9. I wish to be able to change what happens inside a book and see what the characters would do¬†in such a way that the change is only applied to the book that I am holding at the time of changing it and only after I have said “I, ______, am changing this book”.¬†(This would be Great if you like reading. Not only could you fix any situations that you didn’t like (such as a¬†favorite character dying), but you’d also have a story that would never end. You could just keep changing the situation and seeing what the characters do! As for the restrictions, you don’t want to mess up every book¬†you look at¬†and you certainly don’t want to mess up every copy of the book¬†in the world.)

Notable exceptions (wishes that some might want, but I personally don’t)

  • I wish for x amount of dollars¬†(There are a number of reasons that I wouldn’t want this. First off, with wish power you could easily earn a real income without magically getting the money from nowhere. Second, with wish power, many things that would need money you can easily get for yourself.)
  • I wish to be stronger/faster/thinner/better at soccer, etc.¬†(Something that I’m happy about myself is that I’m fit. Even though I could wish myself to be extremely fast, it’d take the joy ¬†out of winning in a race. Wishing that I was as good of a swimmer as Michael Phelps would ruin all the fun of competitive swimming. While some may want to be stronger, I¬†feel¬†good the way I am)

These are just a few of the things I’d wish for, and I know that you can easily think of others that I missed. Leave any suggestions/ questions in the comments!

~ George



This post is part of a 3 post triad, each focusing on a specific aspect of “The Ultimate Wish”.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Wish: Part 3 of 3 – Fun

  1. I once saw a movie where someone wished for a bunch of money and they got it but were immediately arrested since the money came from a bank robbery or something like that. Would one of the protective wishes prevent that?

    1. I think you’re referring to The Tenth Kingdom, which I actually thought about while writing this ūüôā . I think (but am not sure) that the wish that wishes must be granted according to my interpretation would solve that sort of problem…. Come to think of it, what in the world is granting your wishes anyway, and how would That work?

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